The Art of Horsepower
You need to have every
component of the engine matched
up for a specific application.
Drag Racing components don't
work on the street, and street
parts do not  work for  Drag
We Can Help
Throughout our years of Racing
and doing builds for the street ,
we have the experience to
achieve  the results that you
require for your project.
Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Heads are our specialty.
Whether you are building a bagger
for 2-up touring or building an all
out drag racing engine we can meet
your needs.
The "KING" of V-RODS
It's All In The Package
Jamie McNaughton   2005 CHAMPION
2006  CHAMPS AGAIN !!!!!
HighOutput Engineering, LLC
97" Twin Cam
2009 AHDRA  ProStock  Runner up
Mark Venia
Jim VanFleet
"Queen of Quick" Heather VanFleet
James Simonelli
Bert Baker "Organ Donor"
IMR 1426 Buell / Sportster